Refund & Cancellation Policy

Read and make sure you fully understand our refund policy prior to making any payment.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development projects involve extensive resources, consume time, and experiences internal expenses. Therefore once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project gets canceled, delayed, or postponed by the CLIENT, then all dues paid will be retained by SEOCreativez and if applicable, an additional cost will be charged to the CLIENT for all work completed beyond what was already paid for. No exceptions.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Digital Marketing

Payments for SEO, Social Media Marketing, or any of our Internet Marketing services are non-refundable even if a fee was paid in advance. Once a payment or deposit is made, there are no exceptions to our refund policy.

Setup Charges

Setup fees are applied directly to expenses incurred by SEOCreatives in the setup phase of any SEO or Internet Marketing campaigns and are non-refundable.

Website Hosting

All hosting payments whether present or past months are non-refundable. Web hosting accounts are set up from the date of your order and are allotted a limited amount of server resources depending on the plan you purchased. If the CLIENT opens a hosting account but does not use it, payment will still be due. Hosting billing cycles continue until a cancellation notice is received in writing from the CLIENT

Account Suspension

All hosting payments that are 15 days past due will trigger an account suspension. Hosting paid up to 12 months in advance and canceled before the expiration date will be refunded for the months not yet elapsed. reserves the right to disable and/or terminate a user’s account, services, or contract if a user is found in violation of our terms and policies. Termination due to policy violations will not be refunded.